YouTube sensation Austin Mahone performed at Pop-Tarts’ Crazy Good Summer concert last week and we got a chance to talk to him about the performance, his music and his most memorable fans. Check out our EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Austin below.

BOP&TB: How did you get involved with the Poptarts concert?
Austin Mahone: My manager hit me up one day and asked, “Do you want to perform with Pop Tarts in concert?” and I was like “Yeah!”

BOP&TB: Can you give us an update on your music?
Austin Mahone: I’m in the studio now, finally, working on my next single. “Say Something” is doing pretty good. I’m excited.

BOP&TB: Who are some of your musical inspirations?
Austin Mahone: Chris Brown, Drake, Ne-Yo and, of course, Justin.

BOP&TB: Do you have any hidden talents?
Austin Mahone: I like to play basketball. I like to rap, but I’m not a rapper. I like to play basketball, it’s like my favorite sport. If I’m not singing or doing something, I’m playing basketball.

BOP&TB: Can you tell us about your most memorable fan encounter ever?
Austin Mahone: Probably when I was in Chicago and I just got bombarded by fans, because that was like a year ago and I was like, “Hey guys, meet and greet in 1 hour” and I thought like five girls would show up and we would just like be chilling and hanging out and then I walked around the corner and like a thousand girls were standing there. Literally a thousand girls and they were just like, “Aaah, oh my god” and I was like, “Ahhh I gotta get out of here” It was really scary and there were grabbing me and I didn’t know what to do because it was just me and my mom and we didn’t have anyone there to help us so we had nowhere to go.

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