Where you’ve seen him: You might know Austin from his YouTube channel Austin Mahone!He’s a super cute guy who started singing on the site and got tons of subscribers really quickly. Now he’s up to over 350,000 with more than 69 million video views and the numbers are constantly growing. His sweet voice and adorable personality make Austin, aside from being a super amazing 15-year-old singer, a huge success in the internet world!
 Why he’s totally crush-worthy: Austin sings like a dream and has an adorable sense of humor too! Recently he and his friends made their own verson of the "call me maybe" video that was originally made by Carlos Pina and his friends like Justin Bieber,Selena Gomez,and Ashley Tesdale!Austin has a beautiful and soulful voice and he’s also super cute! We love how he managed to go from a regular guy to super famous all through the internet! He has so much talent and you’ll absolutely love him. What do YOU think of Austin? Are you crushing on this cutie yet?

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    December 2012